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March 17th 2024. EmuTOS Development Team published version 1.3 of their product. I, respectively, updated my ROM recognition program AvROM to support new Language and new ROM versions. Also TOS Images Collection was updated.

Major changes in EmuTOS 1.3 :

- BIOS: Support for SCSIDRV API (used by software such as ExtenDOS)

- EmuDesk: Improved appearance of some dialogs

- General: New Romanian translation

- XBIOS: Support for true-color modes on the Falcon

  (Note that VDI and EmuDesk support for true-color is still unavailable.)

March 14th, 2024. Published Englisg subs for last remained videos #1 , #6 and #11  now all videos from Roland D-20 playlist are ready for the world!

February 28th, 2024. Videos   #7 , # 8 , # 9 , # 10 and  # 12 are now also with English subs!

January 29th, 2024. Videos #4 and #5 now have English subs as well.

January 3rd, 2024. Video #3 from my set of Roland D-20 videos now also has English subtitles.

December 31st, 2023. In the NY eve finally started to supply my Roland D-20 videos on personal YouTube-channel with English subtitles. Do not be trivial, started from Video #2.

December 24th, 2023. Just in the Christmas eve published new version of my D-20 sound banks, patches and libraries reader. In version 3.3 added support of SysEx files.

November 06th, 2023. Last October brought me several fantastic discoveries regarding Atari soft, please see below one-by-one:

- finally latest version of nice editor SynthWorks for Roland D-20 was healed from dongle usage and now we have fully working version 1.6 ! Will test it on real hardware next days.

- was found Steinberg CD from German computer magazine Keyboard 10-1999, where were published latest version of Steinberg soft including SynthWorks series

- also the same days I found in the net scanned original SynthWorks manual for Roland D-20 on English.

- and finally - all Notator sequenser users were complaining, thet second part of manual is missing, so here os it.

June 28th, 2023. My program AvPingalo get new version 3.0, you can download it here.

June 12th, 2023. Several updates:

     - updated picture of ship, where I'm working now.

     - Internet connection checking and logging program was updated to version 2.8 .

March 03rd, 2023. Finally successfully hosted my web-application and my Photo Sessions page is interactive again. Welcome!

February 22nd, 2023. Our mystical friend Steven Seagal patched one of the earliest tos102uk version to show mushrooms clouds instead of  bombs. This version was included to his latest STeem SSE release 4.1.2 and of course this image was added to my TOS Images Collection.

February 19th, 2023. Just completed another Harvard CS-50 Pytrhon courses and was awarded by relevant Certificate.

December 26th, 2022. Another TOS image came from beautiful Sweden - that was 1.06 Swedish version. Many thanks Ingjald Atlinger for ripping and contribution! Added to my TOS Collection.

Also made some housekeeping in Broken TOS section of Collection - added comments, found duplicates and excluded one working version.

November 25th, 2022. Another seldom TOS image came from UK and contributed by our new friend Jon Brown. This is disk version 1.00 (but names itself as TOS VERSION 19). With STeem emulator it requires STe mode. It was added to my - the best in the world (as per Jon) - TOS Collection.

November 16th, 2022. Last days I got several TOS in a sequence. First of all our English-Swiss comrade Mark Usher ripped images from his Atari machines and shared with community. Now I added to my TOS Collection images of TOS 3.05 (Swiss-German) and TOS 3.06 (Swiss-French). Big human thanks to Mark !

And second - I visited AtariMania web-site and found some images, which were missing in my Collection, but now were tested and added. Details are below:

- 2 versions of TOS 1.7 (from different sources)

- patched German TOS 1.02 called also FastLoader TOS

- Spanish TOS 1.2 , вwhere typo in words 'bytes' were corrected (im previous version I have they were written as 'byttes')

- pre-release TOS 1.04 - UK/Spanish/Swedish/French versions

November 02, 2022. Published new version 2.7 of Internet logging program AvPingalo.

August 18, 2022. Two new EmuTOS versions - 1.2 and bugfix 1.2.1 , both were included to my TOS Images Collection. Respectively image recognition program AvROM was updated to version 2.9.4 to understand latest EmuTOS images. And another program - AvPingalo was a bit improved and updated to version 2.6 - all my progs are available here.

May 27, 2022. Renewed current vessel picture.

January 30, 2022. My program AvROM was updated to version 2.9.2 - some cosmetic changes.

January 28, 2022. Provided the known contributors names to the images, which were added to my TOS Images Collection. They will appear as a hints.

January 28, 2022. Finished with global cleaning and correcting of my site, now should look a bit better. Also today long time promised to Mikro images for TOS 2.07 (for Atari-Sparrow, Falcon preceeder) and 2.08 (for ST-Book) were added to my TOS Images Collection. Unlucky I didn't get both of them working, but will trust Mikro, that they are OK with Hatari-emulator.

Sempetber 22, 2021. Update my current vessel picture. Look here!

August 07, 2021. Completed Harward Univercity online course Computer Science CS-50x and got relevant Certificate . And my final project was to make my Photo Sessions page interactive, now it is much more convenient for visitors to look for a certain country/city. Check it here ! What's next ?

July 24, 2021. Recently published EmuTOS version 1.1 found containing bug, so on 19th bugfix version 1.1.1 was out. As usual all relevant images were added to TOS Collection and also I updated my program AvROM viewer to support latest EmuTOS version.

April 28, 2021. New found Atari TOS images are going one-by-one! Today we have one more addition (thanks to spanish comrade Adolfo Fernandez) - finnish version 1.0 (actually patched German). Was added to TOS Collection.

April 27, 2021. While I'm studying, camrades from the rest of the world working hard to replenish my TOS Collection. So, Daniel Hedberg found on his hard-drive one more pre-release of TOS 1.4, then Robson (by the way - author of Hungarian EmuTOS) dumped French TOS 3.08 from his ST Book. This TOS doesn't work with Hatari emulator, but Robert ensured that it is working on a real ST Book (as well as US and German images), so all of them were added to TOS Collection. Also Arpad Beszekes made timefix patch for TOS 1.04 - it was added to Utility part of relevant TOS.

April 26, 2021. Cannot stop with education. Now enrolled to genuine Harward Univercity online course Computer Science CS-50x.

April 21, 2021. Continuing self-education. Now completed CompTIA A+ Certification.

March 07, 2021. Successfully passed courses from ProSound Music as follows: "Musical Sound Engineering. Recording, mixing and mastering in a modern studio".

December 28, 2020. Latest release of EmuTOS version 1.0.1 was published December 06th, images were added to TOS Images Collection, TOS recognition program AvROM was updated to work with this release.

Semtember 04, 2020. Newest release of EmuTOS version 1.0 , images were added to TOS Images Collection , TOS recognition program AvROM was updated to work with new images.

June 02, 2020. Several updates:

- One camrad from Croatia shared image of TOS 1.06 , which was added to our TOS Images Collection .

- Update of AvPingalo to version 2.2 , now maintained Internet failure log and automatically save it on daily basis and on exit.

- New program PalmRUS, could be used to open binary font files Palm OS 4 и Palm OS 5 (low-rez and hi-rez fonts are supported) and find there fonts bitmap tables.

April 07, 2020. Another Roland D-20 video: Connecting to PC.

March 25, 2020. Published new video about Roland D-20 - Sequencer.

March 04, 2020. Two new Roland D-20 videos published - Voices and sounds и Drums. Polyphony .

February 17, 2020. Recorded first video about Roland D-20 - Work with rhythm patterns and published it on fresh-created YouTube-channel. Currently on Russian, English subtitles will follow.

February 02, 2020.One more update of AvD20 Reader - in version 3.1 was realized support of native Synthworks semantic files *.SEM, and also showing/saving/printing of sound list from supported sound banks and libraries.

January 27, 2020. Another update of AvD20 Reader - in version 2.6 some cosmetic changes. Information is showing now more logically.

January 12, 2020. English help file for SynthWorks Atari sound editor for Roland D-20 was found somewhere in the net (just put this file instead of original, German help.doc).

January 02, 2020.Update of AvD20 Reader - in version 2.5 added support of Roland D-20 sound banks, created by CagedArt's editor, and possibility to check SynthWorks and CagedArt's sound banks for errors.

November 04, 2019. Found that we have already new version of the best Atari-shell program - TeraDesk, version 4.08 was published. For updates look here .

October 22, 2019. Another version of EmuTOS - 0.9.12 was published recently. Added to my TOS Images Collection . And also my program AvROM updated to recognize this EmuTOS version.

July 28, 2019. New version of EmuTOS - 0.9.11 was published in June. Added to my TOS Images Collection . And also my program AvROM updated to recognize new EmuTOS version.

March 24, 2019. Program AvFonts was updated to version 4.1 - some cosmetic changes.

March 20, 2019. Further development of program AvFont , now version 4.0 is published. In this version were involved keyboard layout files. We can convert keyboard files between LVA *.KBD and MiNT based files *.TBL .

March 17, 2019. Program AvFont was updated to version 3.0 - added possibility to set font name while converting LVA->GDOS and Geneva-fonts support. Compatible Geneva- and Degas Elite fonts were added to attached Atari fonts collection .

March 17, 2019. Corrected Russian fonts were updated also in MiNT/XaAES project.

March 11, 2019. Created a new program AvFonts, which can view any of LVA or GDOS fonts and convert fonts between those types. With the help of AvFonts found old bug in LVA 6x6 font. This error was also exist in AvLVA 6x6 font, so new version of AvLVA fonts - version 2 - was issued. Respectively started to update all involved projects - EmuTOS (latest build), and MiNT.

February 05, 2019. New and very nice presentation from Frédéric Sagez and Vincent Rivière about Atari ST History - please look here.

February 03, 2019. New TOS Image just arrived ! This is pre-release of TOS 3.00, it has blue screen during boot process and called TT TOS BLUE, many thanks and respect to Comrade Daniel Hedberg from Sweden.This image goes to our TOS Images Collection .

December 25, 2018. Just before Christmas, EmuTOS Developing Team issued version- 0.9.10 . I added new version to my TOS Images Collection.

Furthermore, during last year, comrades czietz and leech published respectively German TOS 3.01 and US TOS 3.05 , while our German friendThorstenOtto made hard work to create Spanish versions of TOS 2.06 and 3.06 . All those images were addd to TOS Images Collection.And I also updated my TOS recognition program to support all those new images.

April 16, 2018. Published picture of my current ship.

January 29, 2018. Reposting message from ACP-group:

Firebee.org Server Problems

Sadly the project is facing bigger server issues at the moment. Since last Thursday the domain firebee.org is not accessible and our mailboxes are not reachable. Today it turned out that this is a serious problem, that might take another week or two to get solved. Our admins are working at the problem.We like to assure you that the ACP is still active, and that we try to get back completely online as soon as possible. In the meantime you can access firebee.org by the IP adress and reach us by our fallback mailadress acpinfo (at) atari-home (dot) de

January 26, 2018. Our friend Vincent made a small YouTube video about testing EmuTOS on a real Atari ST. He is speaking French, but there already some subtitle translations.

December 16, 2017. Attention - HOTFIX - Vincent Riviere found dangerous bug in latest EmuTOS release, so new version was issued immediately. Please use the new one instead ! My TOS Images reader program and TOS Images Collection were updated respectively.

December 13, 2017. You can download new version for your hardware from project homepage or from my TOS Images Collection.

Major changes:

- AES: Allow mouse cursors to be loaded at boot time

- EmuDesk: Add 'Desktop configuration' dialog

- EmuDesk: Allow configuration of window/desktop backgrounds

- EmuDesk: Allow desktop window file mask to be specified

- EmuDesk: Omit unused desktop menu items

- EmuDesk: Open new window with Alt+doubleclick on folder

- General: Automatically build snapshot releases when a commit is pushed

- VDI: Add blitter support for horizontal line drawing

- VDI: Add blitter support for filled rectangle drawing

- VDI: Add blitter support for raster graphics

Respectively my TOS Images recognition program AvROM was updated to version 2.3 - you can download it here.

November 01st, 2017. Another good surf in Internet - citizen of almost independent Barcelona, Mr. crashman, published 2 images of Spanish TOS - 2.06 and 3.06 - we never seen them before. Was added to our TOS Images Collection as well.

October 31st, 2017. New version 3.9.3 of the best AtariST emulator Steem (SSE) was published recently.Downloadable from project page.

October 29th, 2017. Spanish friend tteclado published to Community Spanish version of Atari TOS 1.02, which was added to ourTOS Images Collection . Many thanks, tteclado, let's fill our TOS Collection together!

June 02nd, 2017. On the relevant page added German manual for Roland D20 (Volumes 1&2).

May 17th, 2017. New project - AvLVA - another Russian screen and keyboard driver for Atari platform. Now keyboard layout is PC-compatible! Please see details there. Also some cosmetic changes were made in 8x8 Russian Atari font (added [C], [R] and [TM] signs). Above keyboard layout and font changes were made for all involved projects - AvLVA, EmuTOS and MiNT/XaAES and will be added to the new builds soon!

April 28th, 2017. Added EmuTOS version 0.9.8 into my TOS Collection and updated my program AvROM to recognize new EmuTOS version as well.

April 26th, 2017. New version of EmuTOS 0.9.8 was published by Roger Burrows today.

Main features:

- Support for desktop shortcuts

- Support for formatting floppies

- Support for user-assignable desktop icons.

Here you can get this new version.

March 13th, 2017. Latest news from Atari world:

- New STeem SSE version 3.9.1published by famous AtariST programmer Steven Seagal.

- EmuTOS team added feature to create application links on Desktop.

February 19th, 2017. One more article about Atari XL/XE editor was added to AtariST page.

January 15, 2017. After long-long time request, finally option of Floppy Formatting was added to the latest snapshot of EmuTOS build. 256K ROM images could be downloaded here.

December 25th, 2016. Steven Seagal (not the one, who got Russian cityzenship recently) published new version 3.9.0 of his famous AtariST emulator - STeemSSE, which can be downloaded from his site.

December 16, 2016. New version of my program AvROM- 2.1 - added recognition of EmuTOS 0.9.7 images.

November 27, 2016. Checked all 512K EmuTOS images with Hatari emulator - updated relevant cells of the TOS Images Collection table.

November 26, 2016. Good news for Atari-community:

- EmuTOS Developers Team released version 0.9.7 . Now we have two new Languages - Swedish and Norwegian (keyboard only).

As usual - there are lots of improvements and bugfixes. Among the improvements I can highlight two - support of new MBR-partitions and EmuCON2 as separate application. Details are here. New version added to my TOS Images Collection .

Djordje Vukovic released TeraDesk version 4.7 - you can download binaries and sources from his page, to have Russian version just replace resource files (still not changed from previous version) and hypertext manual.

November 16, 2016. English friend exxos Rui shared TOS 4.01 image from his Atari - it was missed before in my TOS Collection. Many thanks, exxos !

July 14, 2016. Update of Programs page:

- Added Pingalo program (to check Internet connection)

- Updated AvROM program (to check version and nationality of Atari TOS and EmuTOS ROMs).

June 07, 2016.German friend Christian Zietz found pre-release of German TOS 1.04 and shared it. With my greatest thanks I will add it to the TOS Images Collection.

May 21, 2016. EmuTOS development team released version 0.9.6 . As per attached info it has more than 70 various improvements and updates. Among them worth to be mentioned following :

- Now you can download EMUTOS.PRG .If you run it - after your Arari booting - you can test new OS without reprogramming of ROM chips orusing emulators (but EMUTOS.PRG will work with emulators as well). There is no exit from the program, as it completely over-writing RAM, so to exit you need only reboot your machine. Could be started manually or from AUTO-folder. Download contain EMUTOS.PRG on all possible EmuTOS languages and also mutlilanguage version.

- Also in the new version MIDI support was added.

You can get version 0.9.6 here. And also from a page TOS Images Collection...

March 06, 2016. Another success of EmuTOS development team - now MIDI is working good. Snapshot with this and many others fixes is now available for download .

February 18, 2016. As I have some complaints, that basic Synthworks editor program manual in on Russian only (and stil not all users are speaking Russian ;-) - I translated it to English. Relevant link is updated on Atari ST page. Also full manual version link was placed there instead of Russian translation.

February 16, 2016. Next housekeeping of my site. Following done:

- As oldSteven Seagal site is not available anymore, corrected all related links to the new one. Also edited link for project STeem (Steven Seagal edition).

- On a page TOS Images Collection fixed all utilitys' links (now I placed all necessary utilitys on my site and they are ready for download). Further improvement about TOS images data.

February 15, 2016. Continue to make housekeeping in my TOS Images Collection - versions TOS 3.XX and 4.ХХ were tested with emulator Hatari , and then check those TOS by TeraDesk. Some of them foung not working and moved to Broken TOS part.

February 14, 2016. Before in my TOS Images Collection in the early EmuTOS versions was missing information about TeraDesk reports. It was because earlier EmuTOS versions didn't allow to run TeraDesk from drive C:\. Now I run TeraDesk from drive A:\ for those versions and - voilà - we got reports! Reports were added in the relevant cells in our TOS Collection.

February 13, 2016. On Atari STpage added limk - basic manual for Roland D-20 sound editor by CagedArt.

October 25, 2015. New vesrion 0.9.5 of EmuTOS was released. Was done great job and lots of bugs were fixed. Also added to my TOS Images Collecion.

June 08, 2015. Small 'housekeeping' in my TOS images Collecion :

- Replaced word 'corrected' to 'edited' for some images. Actually 'corrected' images are not better that 'non-corrected'.

- As Great Emulation Master Steven Seagal allowed now to use STeem with floppy-based TOS images, I made some testing and cleaning in my TOS Images Collecion and removed some duplications.

May 10, 2015. Realized another idiot's dream - tried magic car called KARAKAT in suburbs of Novgorod. Pictures are here!

April 20, 2015. Two great news from EmuTOS developers :

- fixed old bug which didn't allow to use HDD emulation with EmuTOS under STeem.

- Russian EmuTOS version now has ability of keyboard layout switch.

There is no release for the moment, so I didn' include current build to our Collection, but users can download this build directly developers page.

April 11, 2015. Another TOS Images Collection addition - our friend Micro shared with folks fresh-ripped from his Mega STE , Swiss German TOS version 2.05 .

March 06, 2015.Published EmuTOS version 0.9.4 - with my pleasure was added to our TOS Images Collection!

February 23, 2015. Several years ago bros Hayward stopped to work with STeem, ... but good work is never disappear - the flag is now in new reliablle hands - Mr. Steven Seagal is continuing the job as STeem SSE (Steven Seagal Edition). His web-page also mentioned in my also mentioned among my Links.

February 2, 2015. All Photo Sessions update complete. Corrected some dates. Enjoy !

January 26, 2015. Second part of Photo Sessions update.

January 21, 2015. Photo Sessions page updated.

November 17, 2014. Comrade conty9 finished mixing of Jössonligan first movie, now you can download movie here.

October 16, 2014. Updated Russian translation ofTeraDesk for version 4.06 - new Resource file and hypertext help.

June 24, 2014. Updated page European Walkway - added info for Belgium and Great Britain.

June 14, 2014. On the My Project page added info about translated movies.

June 10, 2014. Coming back after lo-o-o-o-o-n-g silence. Here is the news summary:

- Were published two new versions of EmuTOS - 0.9.2 and 0.9.3, thus were added to my TOS Images Collection.

- To the same place added pacthed German TOS 1.02, which was found in Poland by erOS, so I published it as erOS.

- My program AVMonitor now has version 3.5 - still not published on the site, as it useful only for local tasks.

- As per «Swedish OlsenBanden» project made translation of 3rd movie - Jönsson League Gold Fever (Jönssonligan får Guldfeber), hope also will make a soundtrack soon...

- By some objective reasons, didn't make any other translations/soundtracks. Also some movies, planned for translation, were already translated by other people.

December 31, 2013. Last day of the year out of AVMonitor version 2.0 - lots of changes. And in the very last minutes finished translation to Russian TeraDesk 4.05 resource and hypertext help files.

December 19, 2013. New version of AV-Client program - 2.0

November 29, 2013. Issued two new programs - AVMonitor v. 1.0 and AVClient v. 1.0, but as they have sense for ny current ship only, I didn't published them.

November 28, 2013. Published new version of SuperHub Viewer. Version 3.0 is able now to find last non-empty session, which is quite useful.

November 06, 2013. New project - Swedish Jonssonligan. First movie (Varning för Jönssonligan) subs were translated to Russian (also many thanks to my friend from Finland Marko Mäkelä, who made Swedish-English translation.

July 24, 2013. Another update of The European Walkway . Filles Portugal data and found No. 7 - Germany. Now only No. 8 - FInland - is missing.

July 23, 2013. Guestbook is working now, welcome !

July 20, 2013. As my site has now new hosting, some changes were applied. Now all links are internal, because I could store all my files in one place. New counter. Gusetbook is coming....

July 17, 2013. EmuTOS version 0.9.1 was publishedand added to TOS Images Collection .

June 28, 2013. The European Walkway was updated. Found country No. 3 - France. Now only 2 countries to go - No.7 Germany and No. 8 Finland.

February 28, 2013. Published EmuTOS version 0.9.0 - you can find versions for all available machines and countries here - in my TOS Collection .

February 07, 2013. Djordje Vukovic published new version of his TeraDesk 4.04, so here you can get Russian resource file and Russian hypertext help for this new version.

January 21, 2013. Fixed broken links (some songs and Notator tutorials were unavailable). Published couple of interviews in mp3: 2005 at Murmansk FM-station "Light FM" and 2012 - from Yury Petelin's Seminar.

June 19, 2012. Released EmuTOS version 0.8.7 and you can download it from my TOS Images Collection . Now UK vesrion added.

April 04, 2012. Found that my previous visitors counter was died, so from now on I have the new one.

March 29, 2012. New pictures at the Photo Sessions page - Velikiy Novgorod and Mikkeli (Finland).

March 21, 2012. Many thanks to comrade Fredrik Jörevall for sending me inage of Swedish TOS 3.06 - it was added to my great TOS Images Collection.

January 10, 2012. New vesrion of SuperHub viewer was issued. Version 2.0 has simplified procedure ofHOST-file creating.

January 08, 2012. Issued new version ofSuperHub viewer - 1.5, which allows to configure ship's name.

January 04, 2012.We still have some time before Doomsday - so can do some other things ;-) . For example - Photo Sessions page update: added Caribbean journeys - 2011.

December 13, 2011. New version 1.3 of AvWatcher program issued - program is very useful to check instantly whether selected directories are empty or not. Program itself and details are here.

December 11, 2011. Page My Projects was revised - included more projects like EmuTOS and XaAES. Added some pictures for those projects as well as for the project Russian PET .

December 10, 2011. Fixed some bugs in my SuperHub viewer program. New version 1.4 is available here.

November 08, 2011. Today EmuTOS 0.8.6 was released. What is EmuTOS ? This is free opensource OS for Atari computers. Look details on the page My Projects. Why there ?Because I made Russian version of EmuTOS. Also added all official EmuTOS releases to my TOS Images Collection !

October 27, 2011. On the Photo Sessions page - my latest travels. And here - is the picture of my current ship.

August 28, 2011. New pictures added to Photo Sessions page - Shlisselburg and Oreshek-fortress.

August 03, 2011. Put new counter, now on English version as well.

July 22, 2011. Added page for a new project - The European Walkway. Almost all points was found and their text with pictures are published in the Electronic version of The European Walkway.

July 21, 2011. Photo Sessions final update, now all pictures I liked to share are ready !Added World Cruise 2010-2011 and Summer 2011 travels.

July 09, 2011. One of the latest Photo Sessions update - completed 2009 and 2010 years (Copenhagen, Barcelona and some Russian pictures).

July 09, 2011. Was granted as STeem open source project committer. After small learning of Subversion system, issued two revisions - Nos. 64 and 65 - small corrections to recognise Russian TOS nationality byte and links page correction.

July 03, 2011. Another Photo Sessions update - ship's journeys of 2010 are now completed.

July 02, 2011. Good news - famous Atari ST emulator STeem became free source project ! It gives a good possibilities to solve some its remained problems

July 02, 2011. Next big Photo Sessions update - published 2009 travels to Mediterranean, Persian Gulf, Africa and Finland.

June 29, 2011. Another update of Photo Sessions. Year of 2008 is completed now.

June 21, 2011. New update ofPhoto Sessions - added World Cruise 2007-2008.

June 19-20, 2011. Idea of a new project! In 2003, when our city celebtared its 300 years, in 15 interesting places of the city (which were related to one of the EU countries) were installed points and this called The European Walkway. Now I decided to find all the points and make pictures of each one with replated objects and short explanations. Stau tuned !!

June 08, 2011. Now all previously published pictures are working in English version as well.

June 07, 2011. Photo Sessions - page updated again- now added 2006-2007 pictures, while worked on cruise vessels "Sky Wonder" and "Zenith" (for the moment just Russian version).

June 05, 2011. Next update of my Photo Sessions - page. Now offered Russia and Thailand-2007 (for the moment just Russian version).

May 25, 2011. Great addition in ourTOS Collection! Comrade krupkaj kindly shared with the community 4 versions of Czech TOS - 1.04, 1.62 and two different versions of TOS 2.06 , many thanks !

May 16, 2011. Dal supplied me with English version ofTOS 2.05, which was absent in my TOS collection . Thank you, amigo! As was tested, all TOS 2.05 images have no screen indications while booting, so user can see just blank screen for a long time. If this is annoying you, just press Space to skip RAM-test at startup!

May 11, 2011. EmuTOS changed way to code image date since April 29th of this year. And now version 1.6 of my ROM-Viewer can recognize both types - new style of date-format as well as the old one.

April 28, 2011. Continuing to update my Photo Sessions - page. Now offered Holland-2005 (for the moment justRussian version).

April 27, 2011. New version of TOS ROM ViewerAvROM - version 1.5 is published. Fixed bug with window hiding while one more image was opened.

Also on the page Atari ST published Roland D-series sound editor: CagedArt version 3.0 . There is an interesting story regarding this application. In the 1992 still in Murmansk TON-studio we broke lots of sound banks using CagedArt cracked version 1.1 - seems that program was cracked bad. Now CagedArt became freeware and works very well and reliable (even better than Synthworks). And this year found the way how previous version broke our soundbanks and wrote small utility to correct those distortions. So after 19 years we can heal broken soundbanks!!!

April 26, 2011. Re-organized Programs - page -now programs are sorted well, also here you can fing some of programs, which weren't published before. Welcome !

April 14, 2011. It's time to clean and update my web-site ! As a start - Russian files for a new version of TeraDesk - version 4.03 - are placed here .

November 19, 2010. One week ago my Atari STE was resurrected with the great help of tnt23 after almost 10 years of apparent death !!! Thanks God, we have so skilled people in our country !!

Found some bugs in Russian TOS - all were fixed. Today Russian TOS image file was burned on chips and they worked on real Atari !!! You can see this here... First time in the world Atari STE works with Russian TOS in ROM !!!

November 14, 2010. Our football team Zenit became CHAMPION of Russian Premier-league!

October 30, 2010. Found a bug in D20CS - program. New version 2.1 uploaded.

October 08, 2010. First time in the web - Atari ST Notator manual. Please, enjoy !

September 26, 2010. Somewhere in the Net found service manual for Roland D-20. Who is interesting, please look at here !

September 15, 2010. New page added - Photo Sessions. I will put there pictures of my journeys. Please enjoy !

September 12, 2010. Working hard to create Russian version of EmuTOS - open source OS for Atari-computers. OS lof new Atari-compatible FireBee computer will be based on EmuTOS (look at details here). Also TOS image details viewer AvROM was upgraded to version 1.4. This version is EmuTOS images compatible.

February 08th, 2010. Here are some articles about Atari ST computers on Russian from soviet version of Polish magazine "Computer".

February 06th, 2010. Somewhere in Italy was found real Atari with local version of TOS 1.06 - ROM image added to our TOS ROMs Images Collection (thanks Giulio!).

January 09th, 2010. As I found that all TOS ROM image collections have either some mistakes or not so full, I decided to publish my own Collection of Atari TOS ROMs. Futhermore I wrote small Windows program for reading TOS nationality.

December 26th, 2009. New version ofTeraDesk number 4.02 was issued. Small changes in hypertext help file.

October 30th, 2009. Uprgade of small utility D20CS - now it can work with Synthwork sound banks. Also fixed some bugs in AV-D20 Reader for Windows, look here !

October 18th, 2009. Last days of ship's contract. Main news are: with the great help of my Finish friendMarko Mäkelä I recovered algorythm of Control Sum calculation for Synthworks D-20 program for Atari ST. This parameter was included in newest version of my AV-D20 Reader for Windows.Also added small utility D20CS, which has extended possibilities to work with such Control Sums and even save all of them to a separate file. Who is interested - please look here !

June 3rd, 2009. Became a team-member of Atari Coldfire Project. Look details here. Long live for Atari ST !!!

May 20th, 2009. New version of TeraDesk issued - 4.01 and I made changes in hypertext help also.

March 24th, 2009. Do you remember best Atari ST sequencer calling Notator? Very famous now Logic is heir of it. And the program was complicated enough (anyway people worked with it !), but better to have some manual. Today I publish some video lessons that I was able to find in the network. Any updates are highly appreciated !

January 12th, 2009. Russian files for teraDesk version 4.0 are published here.

August 20th, 2008. So long silence... I was little bit busy, but now again online. And from one of the page you can get the newest files for my TeraDesk customizing project.

December 20th, 2007. Everyone invited to presentation of "Cock-Tail" album. Action will take place on December 22nd in Mitki's Gallery "Stavka" (address Marata st.,36/38, apt.120) .We start at 18-00, free entrance.Welcome !!!

August 24th, 2007. Look for my vessel's picture at this page and for TeraDesk 3.93 Russian help - here.

August 03rd, 2007. Publishing Russian files for TeraDesk ver. 3.92 - they are look here !

May 13th, 2007 (but not Friday !). Publishing Russian version of D-20 Manual Volume 2 - look here !

January 07, 2007. New version of TeraDesk is out - 3.87 and I'm also update Russian hypertext help file.

November 09, 2006. Published Russian hypertest help files for TeraDesk version 3.86 - please look here. Resource file remained unchanged.

November 1, 2006. Published Russian hypertest help and resource files for TeraDesk version 3.85 - look at this page.

August 20, 2006. Realized my old dream - scanned and published one of the best Commodore books - "PET/CBM Personal Computer Guide - Adam Osborne and Others - Osborne McGraw Hill " . Please enjoy...

July 25, 2006. Published Russian hypertest help files for TeraDesk version 3.84 - please look here. Resource file stayed unchanged.

July 11, 2006. Published Russian resource and hypertest help files for TeraDesk version 3.83 - please look at this page.

June 07, 2006. Now offered third and fourth parts of Roland D-20 manual (Russian version).

June 06, 2006. Here is hypertext help file for new (3.82) version of TeraDesk.

May 31, 2006. Please have the second part of Russian version of Roland D-20 manual.

May 30, 2006. Published first part of Roland D-20 manual on Russian.

April 03, 2006. Published - C O R R E C T E D - Russian resource and hypertest help files for TeraDesk version 3.81 - look here.

March 19, 2006. Published Russian resource and hypertest help files for TeraDesk version 3.81 - look here.

March 07, 2006. Published Russian hypertest help file for TeraDesk version 3.80 - look at page My Projects.

December 4th, 2005. Published new version of PETRus program - chargen-file editor for project Russian PET. Please look at appropriate page.

November 29, 2005. New Atari Synthworks Libraries reader for Roland D-20 was out. New version 2.2 is able to read also Synthworks sound bank files (*.SND). Please have a look here.

November 14, 2005. This Sunday, November 20th at 18.00, will take part in a Concert. Address: Krasny Cursant street 18, Space Military Academy Club. Welcome !!!

October 13, 2005. Here are some pictures from Youth Theater Concert.

October 09, 2005. On Program-page new version of Atari Synthworks libraries for Roland D-20 reader is ready for downloading.

October 09, 2005. Published an interview on the radio station Light FM (Murmansk) in real-audio format.

October 07, 2005. Tonight at 10 PM you can hear me on the radio station Light FM. Tune on 101,5 MHz. And next week news: On Wednesday October 12th everyone is invited to the Concert inYouth Theater (Murmansk, Lobova street 47). We start at 7 PM.

August 28, 2005. Published hypertest help file and resource file for TeraDesk version 3.62 - look at page My Projects.

August 20, 2005. Published hypertest help file for TeraDesk version 3.61 .

July 10th, 2005. English texts of new songs published on texts page.

August 05th, 2005. Recorded and published on relevant page demo-songs of Roland D-20.

July 9th, 2005. Finished recording of new album called "Cock-Tail".

May 26th, 2005. Published new program - chargen-file viewer for project Russian PET. Please look at appropriate page.

May13th, Friday !Everybody living in St.Petersburg are invited to Concert on May 28th. It's a part of"Musical Computer" - project in Culture House "Gavan". I will offer some new songs.

May 10th, 2005. Founded new project - Russian PET. Pet - is one of the Commodore computers. Please look at the Project page for details.

February 28th, 2005. On page My Projects posted Russian version of resource file and hypertext help for newest version of Atari ST shell program - TeraDesk 3.50

January 24th, 2005. Somewhere in Internet was found Atari ST sequencer program Notator version 3.0 - now works with any TOS version. Look at Atari ST-page.

January 21st, 2005. On page Roland D20 published English version of Volume 1 of Roland D20 manual (thanx, Reza !) and file with description of some Roland D20 undocumented version.

December 31, 2004. Finished translation of hypertext help file for TeraDesk 3.42 . You can get Russian version of HYP-file on page My Projects.

Happy New Year to anyone !!!

December 29, 2004. For all the citizens of sunny Holland ! Today I scanned and published Volume 1 ofRoland D-20 manual (on beautiful Dutch language). Here are described basic terms and settings of this synth.

November 18, 2004. Published English translation of all songs.

Same day. On My Projects page - translation of new version of STeem (Atari ST emulator).

September 26, 2004. You can download instrumental version of a song from forthcoming album - please go to My Music-page.

August 28, 2004. Having some success in new project - "Russian TOS" - localized version 2.06 - please look at the page My Projects.

July 24, 2004. Finish translation of hypertext help file for TeraDesk 3.32 . You can get Russian version of HYP-file on page My Projects.

June 17, 2004. Now you can download Russian resource file for TeraDesk version 3.32. Some bugs fixed and program itself as well as a translation became better and better !

June 08, 2004. On My Projects-page is available for download Russian resource file for latest version of TeraDesk - 3.31 . Please , enjoy !!!

May 20, 2004. Site re-building (new page added - "My Projects").

May 14, 2004. Again Atari-news! Made Russian resource file for TeraDesk version 3.30 .

May 08, 2004. Produced Russian resource file for good shell programm - TeraDesk (version 3.01).

Recording of next album is shifted to winter time, possible in studio "Acoustic-Line" (St.Petersburg).

March 14, 2004. On Program-page reader of Atari Synthworks libraries for Roland D-20 is ready for downloading.

Dear Atari-users ! Please be informed that a new version of Synthworks-editor is available for download (with corrected file of sound semantics - semsntic.sem).

Our football team "ZENIT" won silver medals of Russian Premier-League!

Finally realized my old dream - scanned and upload full Roland D-20 manual. Enjoy, D-20 owners" ! Also you can download full instructions for programs Cubase and Synthworks .

Some pictures from concert in "Stavka" - here.

On the Atari ST-page you can find short manual - how to start STeem-emulator and basic things you can do with Synthworks-editor.

March 22nd, 2003 in the Mitki's Gallery "Stavka" (address Pravdy st.,16, apt.20, door code 146) will take place presentation of album "Kungaki". We start at 19-30, free entrance. Welcome !!!

In February 2003 Publishing House "Red Sailor" will produce album "Kungaki". Stay tuned, presentations follow...

October 25th, 2002 onboard of mv "ASTORIA" (in the port of Odessa, Ukraine) priest Dr. Traugott Farnbacher performed wedding ceremony of me and my wife Irina (already married under law of the Soviet Union 14 years ago) according to order of Evangelic Church of Germany.

May 11th, 2002 took part in concert of "Musical Computer"-project in Coulture House "Gavan". You can find some details there.


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